Sonntag, 16. Februar 2014

Sullivan: The Beauty Stone (BBC 2014)

Arthur Sullivan
The Beauty Stone

Oper in 3 Akten

Aufzeichnung der BBC 2014

Philip, Lord of Mirlemont |Toby Spence
Guntran of Beaugrant | David Stout
Simon Limal | Stephen Gadd
Nicholas Dircks | Richard Suart
The Devil | Alan Opie
Laine | Elin Manahan Thomas
Joan | Catherine Wyn-Rogers
Jacqueline | Madeleine Shaw
Saida | Rebecca Evans
Loyse | Olivia Gomez
Isabeau | Sarah Maxted
Barbe | Llio Evans
also featuring Peppin, a dwarf, Baldwyn of Ath
The Lords of Serault, Velaines, and St Sauveur, a Seneschal, a Lad of the Town, a Shrewish Girl, a Matron, Knights, Dames, Pages, Aldermen, Soldiers, Townsfolk, Country-folk, Dancers, Lute-players, Serving-men, and the rest
BBC National Chorus of Wales
BBC National Orchestra of Wales
Rory Macdonald | Dirigent

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